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Carve your way to spooky season! Find the perfect Halloween lantern ideas, from classic jack-o’-lanterns to unique DIY projects. Light up your Halloween.

Beyond Pumpkins: Easy Halloween Lantern Ideas for All Ages

A Halloween lantern, while often synonymous with the carved pumpkin (jack-o’-lantern), can take many forms. Traditionally, they were crafted from hollowed-out root vegetables like turnips, imbued with a spooky charm by flickering candlelight within.

Halloween Lantern
Halloween Lantern Shirt.

Today, Halloween lanterns come in all shapes and sizes. From paper creations adorned with spooky visages to hanging metal silhouettes casting dramatic shadows, they add an eerie ambiance to any Halloween display. Battery-operated lanterns with flickering LED “flames” offer a safe and convenient alternative to candles, while intricate ceramic pumpkins boasting painted scenes bring a touch of festive elegance. Whether casting a warm glow or bathed in an otherworldly light, Halloween lanterns illuminate the path for ghosts and ghouls, and festive fun.